"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."
- Anonymous                 
Your Role as a Business Associate

Our Business Associates are an integral part of the organizational set-up. Their role is elucidated in the following section

Key drivers for Business Development & Expansion:

Business Associates actively participate in planning and execution of business development activities. On the basis of a plan that is mutually agreed upon by the Associate and SSJ, they concentrate on qualitative and quantitative business growth within their territory in the following manner:

    By continuous addition of new clients. For this, our associates focus on exploiting the potential in terms of customer base and geographical coverage.
    By generating maximum revenue per customer through cross selling of products offered by SSJ.

Client Relationship Management:

The SSJ Business Associate plays an important role in Customer Relationship Management and in smoothening the process of service-delivery to the Customer. Their major responsibilities are:

    To act as a link between the client and SSJ, ensuring smooth flow of information, services and feedback.
    To cater to the needs of the HNI client base, giving them personal attention and prompt service, thus laying the foundation of a long lasting relationship with the clients.
    To attend to any complaints and grievances of customers and maintain a record of such complaints and take corrective action.
    To obtain feedback at regular intervals from the clients regarding service levels.
    To maintain service standards set by SSJ.

Compliance & Risk Management:

Fulfillment of compliance requirements and adoption of sound risk management measures is integral to the efficient working of the organization. In this regard, our Business Associates share our responsibility of compliance and risk management covering client security, exposure, payments, business practices and all other operational areas of business. They are specifically required to:

    ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC). Profiling a potential client is the most important step in risk management as it is important to know the client’s ethics and practices, knowledge of financial products, financial background and their risk taking appetite.
    Ensure compliance in accordance with regulatory provisions and as specified by SSJ.
    Ensure that all customers meet their payment requirements and clear all dues on time.
    Supplement our comprehensive risk management strategy with proper checks and procedures to minimize trade risk.
    Assist in constant monitoring and upgrading of risk containing measures through market intelligence to ensure a smooth, timely and default-free settlement system.