"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
- Henry Ford                                                                            
Online, Real-Time Information

Business Associates are given access to our equity and commodity broking back-office software. They are able to print contract notes, introduce clients, give cheque issue instructions and view all reports such as client ledger, sauda summary, funds, and margin and security obligation etc. for all the clients introduced by them. The back office software may be accessed on the connectivity medium chosen or the internet. The entire objective of having a 24 X 7 online web-enabled automated back-office system is to make our Business Associates as self-sufficient as possible.

Clients are also provided with their individual / family online log-in IDs wherein they can view their transaction history and financial statements including their demat account holdings.

Operations & Support

The entire risk management and back-office operations are managed at the Head Office of SSJ. Business Associates are provided with a ‘Branch Module’ which allows them to service clients in an efficient manner through online access to all transaction, financial and accounting reports of their clients. Clients are able to view their accounts online.

We aim to provide you with the best support required to ensure sustained and consistent overall business growth. In case you face any technical or practical problems pertaining to back office operations, client level risk management, marketing or any other difficulty, our executives are readily available for assistance.